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Selecting a Bosch Washing Machine

Doing your laundry could be a tedious and time consuming task if you should go through the procedure manually. A washing machine of course grapples with the task in the most efficient manner possible. It goes through all the moves needed to get the clothes sparkling clean, and with the minimum of water too! The new machines that are on display in today's market incorporate the latest features that technology can provide, together with most providing for low volumes of water consumption and energy savings. There are a great many new versions with unique options and configurations. Be sure to check out the different brands while you shop around. Bosch is a respectable name in household appliances, and is known for its uncompromising stance with respect to high performance standards in a range of domestic appliances, and in particular its washing machines.

Things to Look For in a Washing Machine?

Although, there are a number of excellent companies making washing machines, most offering you models which arrive with a range of functions and innovative features, the fundamental requirements are still those of simplicity of operation with a few extra features of operation thrown in, that allow to get a good, clean wash using the minimum of expenditure. There are some basic features to look for, whenever you make a decision to purchase.
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What type of Loading?

It is possible to decide on one of two basic loading alternatives that are common to washing machines: whether to purchase a model with front loading or a single with top loading. This can be based on your planned usage and space availability.

A.    Front Loading Machines: All these have a round water tight door in the front portion of the machine. The machine could be conveniently located under a work surface in your kitchen or utility room. Front loading machines have a greater load capacity and may give a more thorough wash, while consuming less water and energy. On the downside, if situated on the ground, you will need to bend down to load and unload your own wash.

B.    Top Loading Machines: All these have an opening at the top, making it physically easier to load or to unload the machine. The load capacity is usually less that front loading kind, but the wash cycle is frequently shorter, making the process run faster. These are often less expensive when compared with front loading machines.

Load Ability

When choosing a washing machine, the loading capacity of the machine is a substantial aspect requiring some thought. A 4 kg load is considered as being mild, and a 6 kg load is considered as being to the other hand for a complete size washing machine. A family of two can opt for a machine with low loading capability, while bigger families might demand a machine with a higher loading capacity. Most front loading machines may take a load of up to 9 kg, while high loading machines normally have a capacity of up to approximately 5 kg.

Spin Speed

If the machine you select offers higher spin rates, this can guarantee efficient drying, through a high speed spin capacity. You might even expect your wash to come out nearly dry when you take the laundry out of this machine. It may be a good idea to pick a machine with a rate of at least 1000 rpm. There are two kinds of spin purposes to be thought about.

A.    Fixed Spinning: Low cost models often arrive with a pre-set spin rate that's common to all wash programs. Here the spin function operates at a pre-appointed speed irrespective of the program you choose for running the wash cycle.

B.    Variable Spin Rate: Here, the spin rate of the drum could be put by you for every wash. You may choose the wash program in your discretion and set the spin speed according to the feel of the clothes, taking special note of any delicate substances which may not resist intensive spinning.


Washing machines have a number of distinct applications, like a quick wash program, a freshen up app, or even a reduced-ironing program. Some programs are even particular to delicate clothing and woollens, and a few machines could have a hand wash app too. You need to decide on a machine with the applications that match the substances to be washed which will vary significantly from household to household.

Silent Performance

Washing machines that are more or less 'hushed' when in operation, may be installed in almost any room in your home; indeed, Bosch washing machines use brushless motors, suspended pump motors and sound deadening material for performing 'silent' washing. Machines under 70 db in the spin cycle are considered quiet.

Bosch Washing Machines

To make the selection process easy for you, Bosch has split their appliance range into four classes, from the straightforward and functional Classixx range, and machines with additional features like the Excel range, to the superior versions that come under the Logixx label, with a assortment of innovative features in their Built-in selection.

Interesting Attributes

Distinguishing features of Bosch machines include the express wash system, freshen up system, new revolution drying, and the wool drying basket. Bosch continuously works on product innovation, focusing attention on initiatives for protecting the environment. Their products are intended to consume lower quantities of natural resources, while also minimising pollution. They are constantly devising new strategies to decrease energy and water intake in the washing procedure.

Washing Machine Buyer's Guide

Today's washing machine market is more exhaustive than ever and requires extensive planning. As soon as you've completed your homework determining the features and functions you must have, you'd love to get, and it really does not matter, the easier the choice procedure. This article will discuss key features you need to think about and also ask questions you must answer as the choice process evolves.

Noise levels - For the most part, washing machines which make a great deal of sound aren't great and is something you should not think about. Many of the washers on the market today include sound dampening technology. Therefore, if you live in an apartment or have the appliance directly alongside a young child's bedroom this is something that you should seriously think about. This sound dampening technology may involve nothing more than extra insulation on the washer panels or newer technologies in the form of vibration and sound control. Newer options that are electronic in character equilibrium loads so as not to make excessive vibration or limit spin rates to eliminate noise. Many of the newer washers on the spectacle really advertise their decibel levels at run time. In case you have specific sound level requirements, you want to make certain you shop around for a design meeting this demand.

Washing Machine Drum Ability - Are you the proprietor of king size bedding and how many individuals make up your own household? All these are questions that must be asked during the selection process. If you responded favorably to the first question and also have many members in your household, you want to look at purchasing a washing machine with a minimum quantity of at least 3.5 cubic feet. A large power washer will equate to fewer weekly loads. Washers today, include sensors that detect the size of your load, and distribute water and detergent based on that reading. While searching for a new machine plan on keeping it for a minimum of 10 years. Family size expansion should be taken into account during the planning process to ensure the dimensions of machine you select now, will fulfill future requirements. If purchasing a dryer at the same time for a washer, be sure to match the pair. It's a good idea when purchasing a washer that you acquire a dryer with two times the volume of the selected washer.
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Physical Space Requirements - make certain that you have the exact dimensions of your washer & drier area. This might be evident, but it's not unusual for washer sizes to fluctuate significantly between brands and models. I want to emphasize the need to measure at least twice so you are armed with precise dimensions of the laundry room when purchasing a washer and dryer. If your laundry area is physically little you may wish to consider purchasing a compact washer and dryer or stackable models which may reduce the size requirement.

Efficient Water Utilization - Around 400 loads of laundry are washed every year from the typical American family. Current studies indicate purchasing an Energy Star label washer can reduce energy costs by 33% and water prices by over 50%. Any washer that has the Energy Star label must use 50% less energy and anywhere from 35% to 50 percent less water than a machine which doesn't carry this tag. Bosch manufactured washers are a few of the most efficient models on the market and many of them just use 140 kWh of power for an entire year. Is your present washer over ten years old? Studies state my replacing it with a new Energy Star qualified washer might result in an yearly savings of more than $135 on your utility bill.

Washing Machine Spin Speeds - another significant aspect to concern yourself with is the spin speed. It's a fact that faster spin speeds will extract far more water in the garments. This extra water extraction results in less drier time that ought to be your aim because of their high energy intake rates. At a minimum, pick a washer which has a spin speed of 1000 RPM. Bear this in mind when you're developing your buyer plan.

Water Temperatures - most of those cycles a washing machine completes involve adjusting water temperature dependent on the type of fabric and level of maintenance you choose. Many washers utilize higher water temperatures resulting in cleaner clothes and less detergent usage per load, once again a savings.

Washer Safety - The majority of front loading washers have a locking front door making sure the door cannot be opened in the middle of a bicycle. This specific item is essential and is standard on nearly all models.

Manufacturer Quality - If shopping for a machine, try and read as many reviews as possible about the specific brand you are leaning towards purchasing. A little research can result in an investment that may last a lifetime.

Washing Machine Reviews - Buying Guides For Washing Machines

Before you begin looking for quality washing machines online, make sure you have ample knowledge of your real laundry needs. For people who will be buying their subsequent machines, carefully note of everything you don't enjoy most with your existing one. This will provide you with a fairly idea of a machine that suits you best.

Take into account the following 8 hottest tips and guides before buying your next washing machine:

1.    Load size - Choosing your next washing machine begins with knowing your actual average laundry load. Massive families normally have larger capacity requirements, while couples with no children or single persons want only washing machines with lower load capacity. Be aware that washing machines using lower load capacity are relatively less expensive and utilize lesser electricity and water.

2.    Spin speeds - Typical spin rates vary from 800 to 1,600 rounds per minute (rpm). Ensure that you buy washing machines with adjustable spin rates, especially if your clothes are made of varying cloth materials. Wools and more delicate items require slower spin rates. Faster spin rates often remove more moisture from your laundry. Meaning less drying period.

3.    Water consumption - Generally, front loading washing machines utilize lower water compared to their top loading counterparts. Additionally, it means less detergent use. In addition, you will need to consider if your region has restricted water supply.

4.    Energy intake - Now you want to search for energy efficiency rating. Normally, online merchandise descriptions do not include this. If a product was given an "Energy Star" rating, it usually means that it consumes at least 50 percent less electricity compared to the conventional washing machine.

5.    Noise level - Universal criteria measure sound level in terms of decibels. But be careful with those decibel levels officially released because those are just perfect numbers. Front loading washing machines are more challenging to install. They want more leveled surfaces to minimize vibration. Remember that the actual noise level is dependent upon proper installation of these washing machines.
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6.    Number of presets - Most washing machines featuring this have around 7-20 presets, although bulk of consumers have been contended with having only 7 presets. If you are satisfied with seven presets, then settle to it. Models with more presets are now more expensive. You will just end up paying for extra features you will not be using eventually. Regular washing machines using these qualities have presets for regular, permanent press, cottons, presoak, delayed start period, fuzzy logic, prolonged washing and hand wash.

7.    Washing time - There are varying average washing time per regular load, although majority of customers say they generally spend around 30 - 90 minutes per regular load. Wash time also depends on how dirty your clothes are. Spending more wash time means more energy consumption. Next time you purchase one, start looking for a model with assorted waste time presets.

8.    Miscellaneous options - Some versions allow you to automatically adjust water temperature amounts. It is popularly called economy wash. Half load cycle preset is fantastic for smaller loads. This is normally present with washing machine models known for big capacity. Childproof lock prevents untoward accidents involving children and even pets. Some front loading washing machine have anti-leak detection feature. When leaks are detected, the motor pump is automatically shut down. This is great for those that are multi-tasking.